The home24 Technology Radar

To view the home24 Tech Radar, click here.

Why did we create a Tech Radar?

We created the Tech Radar at Home24 to empower our engineers to decide which technologies we should work with, and to support them in that process. The idea behind it is to facilitate assessment of different technologies in a structured and transparent way, which ultimately leads to choosing the best and most suitable technologies to build our platform.

What is the Tech Radar?

The home24 Tech Radar lists of tools, platforms, techniques, languages and frameworks, formatted according to our internal assessment. Based on thoughtworks’ structure, we assess each item included in the radar according to 4 segments – adopt, trial, assess and hold.


These are emerging or new technologies that we think may solve a problem we have. They’re generally discussed in the Platform Guild, sharing what’s the problem and why the proposed technology should fix it. We consider what impact solving the problem will have both technically and on the business (ultimately we want to improve our ability to deliver solutions quickly for the business, to the desired quality). A squad will then complete a Proof of Concept so we can see if it delivers what we need.


We’ve assessed the technology and we think it looks good. It’s still in limited use so we want to have visibility on which teams are interested in using it. During this phase teams will build templates and artefacts to make it easy for following teams to use it. After we’ve implemented a couple of solutions and established best working practices we move it into Adopt. If there is no demand then this would probably move to Hold.


Anything listed here can be freely used by teams to solve problems. Teams are empowered to take the decision by themselves to introduce this tech into their tech stack. They’ll find templates, guidelines and best working practices. We also add info on who’s our internal expert so we can share knowledge easily.


This will be technologies we’re deprecating and want to make sure we do not continue to build new solutions with, or those where we have had no traction. By putting things into Hold we make sure we continue to move our technology stack forward removing old technology over time.

We  review our Tech Radar monthly at our Platform Guild meetings

How successful has it been thus far?

The Radar worked really well. We’ve had a couple of refinements. We started by trying to add too much content which became burdensome so now the Radar is really lightweight with high-level information you’d need to make an informed technology decision. We found adding simple guidance and use cases for the technology really useful in improving informed decision making. Engineers now have a way of introducing great technology into Home24 where it makes sense to do so.

What Next?

We are constantly reviewing the information we hold in the Tech Radar to make sure it is as useful as possible – we’re making sure the Radar is integrated with our Service Catalogue so it’s fully embedded into our working processes.

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