HackDay 2017

Home24 tech department have had a busy and very productive year this year, so in order to celebrate this – and to look forward to an awesome 2018 – we will be hosting the first ever Home24 HackDay. HackDay will take place on December 21st in our HQ in Greifswalder Straße. All members of the tech team have been invited to participate and spend the day hacking on whatever they like.


The theme this year is improving home24 and we have five prize categories, based on our new company values



  • Put Customers First:


In this category we want to reward the team who is eager to put themselves into the shoes of the customer. The team should have an initiative which is solving problems for our customers.



  • Inspire and Delight:


In Home24 we don’t see our customers as buyers, we also want to provide them most inspirational shopping experience. In this category, we want to reward the team who is trying to figure out a new way to inspire customers during their engagement with Home24.



  • Play for the team:


We also value team-work and when people are supporting each other in daily challenges. This award is for the team who wants to create something useful for their colleagues.



  • Explore, Learn & Grow:


Apart from providing inspirational shopping experience we also want to experiment with new approaches and unknown areas. This reward is the team who thinking about completely new approaches to our business.



  • Share our Enthusiasm:


Last, but not least, we want to have fun when we are working together. We want to see colleagues being motivated to come to work and see their colleagues. That’s why we also want to reward most engaging presentation of the project at the end of the day.


The categories will be judged by our esteemed judging panel, which includes our VP of Product,  Director Recruiting & Culture, Director of Data and Director of SAP.

Why do we hack? It’s important to think outside the box of your daily work. Not just for fun, but in order to facilitate collaboration, learning and innovation. Everyone in tech has been invited to submit ideas for projects, which other members of the team can join. Teams are limited to a maximum of 5 members and are self-organised. We have had a sleuth of very interesting ideas already and are getting excited to see the results.

HackDay will take place all over the 5th floor of our building. There will be music, pingpong, delicious food, and lots of snacks and drinks, along with other surprises to keep our busy tech team fuelled up for the day. And at the end of the day, we will celebrate the winning teams with an awards ceremony, and a party in our office!

If you feel like keeping up with what happens on Hackday, we will be posting about it on our instagram page and on our twitter, with the official hackday hashtag #homiehackday

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