Home24 Tech Recruiting Process

Applying for jobs is not always fun. There is the stress of trying to find a job that suits you, a job you have the right skills for and a company that has a culture you will thrive in. And once you have done all the hard work researching and have finally applied for a job you want, you then need to play the waiting game.

You may be left with more than a few questions. What happens next? When will I hear from the company? How long is the process? Who will interview me? We at home24 tech HR want to take some of that stress out of the process.

We have created this handy little infographic so that when you apply to work with us, you will know exactly what to expect. Hopefully, it will make the job hunt just that little bit easier for our potential Tech Homies.

If you haven’t already applied to work with us, you can find all our open positions here


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